Champion Women In This Space.


Karen Finch – CEO Legally Yours –
Fusing together her legal background, recruitment expertise and passion for shaking up the legal sector, Karen is passionate about facilitating faster, easier and more transparent access to fixed-fee lawyers in Australia. A Legally Yours lawyer member won’t send you ‘surprise’ invoices, they won’t speak legal jargon to you, and they will always provide transparent delivery of legal services to their clients every time – guaranteed. Fast, easy, transparent!

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Tanya Lavan – TML Family Law

An advocate for change in the family law industry, Tanya seeks to promote Collaborative Law and provide people with a greater understanding of the family law process. Her firm offers set fee billing. You can review their pricing page and pick the services that you require, with discounts for bundle packages at:


Amanda Sillars – CEO Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Foundation –

A leader in advocacy, education, raising awareness and providing resources about parental alienation. Amanda is also working in collaboration with the University of Tasmania for research on Child Abduction and Parental Alienation. On 12th October 2016, her organisations started Parental Alienation Awareness Day Australia #PAADay. Her passion is helping children and parents reunite, her social media groups and pages connect parents alike from all over the world.


Tanya Somerton – Divorce Angel –

Having endured the terrifying and complicated process of divorce has created the Ultimate Divorce Experience and is now helping women survive their separations through her company Tanya Somerton Pty Ltd. With an ‘Army of Angels’ working together including a team of Lawyers, Financial Advisors, Counsellors, Child Psychologist, Mortgage Brokers, Life Coaches, Stylists and much more. No stone is left unturned in getting her clients the best possible outcome and framing their future success. ‘Making anything possible.’


Melinda Nutting – Step by Step Support for Separated Families –

Specialised Family Separation Consultants who have created a ‘modern, healthy’ separation service providing child-inclusive and therapeutic mediation options (parenting and financial), and incorporating non-adversarial legal services in their business. They also work with court-ordered families. They utilise their background in children’s counselling, post-separation parenting programs, mediation, and also as separated parents themselves. Australia-wide via video appointments.