Mum’s the Word brings together five mothers—a chemist, a product designer, a hairdresser, a fitness expert, and a child psychologist—to share heartbreaking stories of their fight to maintain a relationship with their own children, and one truly brave teenage boy who provides a child’s perspective of parental alienation.

Each story typifies the issues families endure while navigating separation and our family law system, including family violence, parental alienation, mental illness, court proceedings, and the dysfunctional communication between state and federal jurisdictions. Additional specialist legal commentary provides greater understanding of processes and terminology.

Rae & Hunter

“We wouldn’t need a family court system if families weren’t so broken all the time.” – Hunter

This book offers alternative solutions and guidance to mentally and legally navigate the family law system, and encourages the reader to connect with other people in similar situations. It also provides links to nationwide resources for both legal and mental health needs.

This book has been designed to give separating parents the tools they need to make healthy decisions for themselves and for the future of their children.

“This book is a significant indictment of the effect that poor decision-making by successive governments have had and is an important contribution to the ongoing family law debate” – The Honourable Alastair Nicholson, AO RFD QC

“I am telling my story so other parents don’t make the same mistakes I did” – Sally, alienated Mum of two girls.

Specialist Commentary by Accredited Family Law Specialist (LIV) Monica Blizzard and Trauma Specialist Naomi Halpern. Foreword by The Honourable Alastair Nicholson, AO, RFD, QC. Author Karen Varney.


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To be able to provide copies to every family law related service Australia-wide, with a focus on regional; counsellors, lawyers, psychologists, aid workers, related charities and government departments. You can be a part of this goal by donating via the button below or by purchasing a book. THANK YOU.